New LAB Members

January 2023

Liang joins the group as a research fellow. Welcome Liang!!

December 2022

Max joins the team as an administrator. Welcome Max!!

July 2021

Bayan joins the Wedel Laboratory. Welcome Bayan!!

Awards + Grants

September 2021

The U01 grant is funded!! Thanks to all our collaborators. We look forward to starting our work together on this truly transformative care initiative. It will be an exciting project for all!!

June 2021

Our consortium U01 grant will be funded!! Thanks to all our collaborators and administrative staff for your support and hard work on this initiative.

August 2019

Johannes receives his K99/R00 grant. Congratulations Johannes! We are proud of you!


September 2019

The ‘Woda Paper’ accepted to Biochem Biophys Research Communications. Thanks to Chandra et al for all for putting the final touches together to finalize. A nice clinically relevant project.

August 2019

Johannes’ TSAd paper accepted to J Immunol. Congratulations to all the lab for your support of this project. It has come together very nicely…lets think about mitochondrial activation… new concept again!!

January 2019

DEPTOR on the cover of the Am J Transpl. (Jan 2019).  Congratulations to all!


August 2021

Johannes’ promotion to Assistant Professor is formal. Congratulations Johannes. A well-deserved honor!!

October 2018

Johannes is promoted to Instructor in Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, Congratulations Johannes!

April 2018

Baby Mitton arrives! Congratulations to Nicole and family. We are looking forward to meeting Emily.

next steps

December 2023

Morgan leaves the lab to begin medical school at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Congratulations, Morgan!

January 2021

Allan leaves the laboratory to move to industry. We wish you good luck in your new venture!

June 2020

Evan and Mahima leave the laboratory to go to Medical School. Congratulations on your acceptances. Thanks for all your work, we will miss you.