Transforming Clinical Care In Pediatric Transplantation Through Innovative Research

Our Research

The focus of the program is to perform basic research to further understand the molecular basis for chronic allograft rejection in children, the leading cause of graft failure following transplantation.

Members of the Transplant Research Program study the alloimmune response, the cellular basis for immunomodulation and roles for new molecules, novel receptors and signaling pathways that are causative of disease after transplantation.

The application of these discoveries clinically advance our approach to therapy and have high potential to limit complications following transplantation. Our overall goal is to transform clinical care through basic and translational research and discovery.

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Latest Lab News

January 2024

Madeleine joins the lab as a research assistant. Welcome Madi!

December 2023

Morgan leaves the lab to begin medical school at Rutgers New Jersey...

Research Opportunities

open positions

Positions are available for highly motivated undergraduate and post-graduate trainees
with an interest and expertise in cellular and molecular immunobiology.

If interested we would love to hear from you, please get in touch.

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