The Briscoe Laboratory





Principal Investigator


David Briscoe, MD


David graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons Medical School in Ireland and completed his initial residency training in General Medicine and Pediatrics in Dublin, Ireland. He subsequently trained at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver, Colorado, and at Boston Children's Hospital. His initial postdoctoral research was performed in the laboratory of Dr. Jordan Pober, and a second postdoctoral fellowship was performed under the mentorship of Drs. Ramzi Cotran and Andrew Lichtman at the Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School. Dr. Briscoe's first faculty appointment was within the Division of Nephrology at the Boston Children's Hospital, where he established his research effort. In 2013, he was appointed Director of the Transplant Research Program, and in 2015, he became the first incumbent Casey Lee Ball Chair in Transplantation.

Other activities:
Councilor, International Pediatric Transplant Association
Member of NIH study sections





The administrator for the Briscoe Lab and the Transplant Research Program oversees all administrative issues, including grants management, for Dr. Briscoe and other PIs within the program.

Mentored Faculty


Johannes Wedel, MD, PhD


Johannes received his MD in 2012 from the Heidelberg University, Germany. During his training, he was a member of an International Research Training Group that fosters interactions between the Medical Faculty of Mannheim, Heidelberg University, Germany and the University of Groningen, Netherlands. He completed and received his Ph.D. at the University of Groningen on the effects of N-octanoyl-dopamine in alloimmunity, as well as in cellular protection in models of brain death and organ storage. He is particularly interested in transplantation immunology and is studying intracellular signaling pertaining to T cell activation, immunoregulation, and the prevention of allograft rejection.

Research Fellows

Jiwon Lee, PhD


Jiwon received her PhD from Keimyung University, South Korea. Before joining the Briscoe lab, she was an assistant professor in Ehime University, Japan, focusing on epigenetic regulation of gene expression and signaling. As a visiting research fellow in the Transplant Research Program, she wishes to gain expertise in immunobiology and is interested in identifying novel immunoregulatory receptors and signals in T cells.


Kaifeng Liu, MD


Kaifeng graduated from Tongji Medical University School of Medicine in 1986. He worked in southern China as a clinical surgeon prior to moving the USA. He trained in research, and specifically in the use of animal surgical models at the Universities of Michigan, Chicago and Emory, prior to joining Dr. Gary Visner’s laboratory in the Pulmonary Division at Children’s Hospital Boston. He works with the Briscoe laboratory and other members of the Transplant Research Program to support ongoing collaborations and studies using animal models of lung, heart and skin transplantation. His current interests relate to the analysis of distinct roles for regulators of the immune response, and how this is important in the development of chronic rejection.

Chiara Testini, PhD


Chiara received her PhD in Medical Science at Uppsala University in Sweden in 2016. She worked on the multifactor system that regulates VEGF/VEGFR2 signaling pathways and their function during angiogenesis, permeability, and vessel maintenance. She is interested in endothelial cell signaling pathways in chronic transplant rejection and is studying how regulatos of mTOR signaling pathways downstream of growth factors such as VEGF influence the immunogenicity if the graft. The aim of her research is to discover new targetable pathways to prevent graft rejection.

Laboratory Assistants

Evelyn Flynn, BS, MA


Evelyn received her MA degree in biology from Boston University in 1990. She has worked in several research areas at Children’s Hospital Boston over the past 15 years and has a special interest in vascular biology and orthopedic research. She specializes in immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy and is a co-author on more than fifty publications. Evelyn is an experienced senior technologist in the laboratory, and enjoys working with fellows in teaching general laboratory techniques as well as histology/immunohistochemistry.


Mahima Poreddy, BA


Mahima received her Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience and Behavior from Mount Holyoke College in 2018. As a research technician in the Briscoe Laboratory, she assists with the generation and management of transgenic animals and is involved in the maintenance of laboratory protocols. Mahima also facilitates the isolation and growth of endothelial cells as well as the processing of patient samples for multicenter studies.


Evan Chernov, BS


Evan received his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Brown University in 2018. He joined the Briscoe laboratory as a research technician to expand his understanding and to develop expertise in human immunological assays. He assists with FACS, endothelial cell culture, and immunofluorescent staining. Evan is also involved in the processing of human samples for multicenter studies in the laboratory.



Margaret Diehl, BS


Maggie is currently a student at Stonehill College, Easton, MA, majoring in Biology with a minor in Healthcare Administration. Maggie works part time in the lab focused on administration.

Past Research Associates/Mentored Faculty

Soumitro Pal, PhD 2001-2009
Current Position: Associate Professor in Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School, Boston Children’s Hospital

Papia Banerjee, PhD 2009-2010
Current Position: Molecular and Cell Biologist, Boston, MA

Gulcin Demirci, MD, PhD 2013-2014
Current Position: Medical Director, Sanofi Genzyme, Cambridge, MA

Kevin Daly, MD 2012-2016
Current Position: Assistant Professor in Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School, Attending in Cardiology, Boston Children’s Hospital

Chandra Ghosh, PhD 2016-2018
Current Position: Staff Scientist, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA

Past Research Fellows

Michelle Baum, MD 1994-1995
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics,
Harvard Medical School,
Children’s Hospital Boston,
Boston, MA

Ross Reul, MD 1995-1997
Cardiovascular Surgeon,
Houston Methodist Cardiovascular Surgery Associates,
Houston, TX

Stephen Alexander, MD 1995-1998
Associate Professor,
Paediatrics and Child Health,
Children’s Hospital Westmead,
Sydney, Australia

Vikas Dharnidharka, MD 1996-1998
Professor, Pediatrics
Chief, Division of Pediatric Nephrology,
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis,
St. Louis, MO

Mark Denton, MD 1996-1999
Consultant Nephrologist,
Beaumont Hospital, Ireland

Peter Shaw, MD 1998-2000

Andrea Exeni, MD 1998-2000
Dept Head, Pediatric Nephrology,
Hospital Universitario Austral,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Michael Melter, MD 1998-2000
Head of the Dept of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine,
Children’s Hospital,
Regensburg, Germany

Markus Frank, MD 1999-2001
Associate Professor in Medicine,
Boston Children’s Hospital,
Boston, MA


Masayuki Sho, MD, PhD 1999- 2002
Associate Professor,
Dept. of Surgery,
Nara Medical University,
Nara, Japan

Dmitry Samsonov, MD 1999-2002
Pediatric Nephrologist,
Westchester Medical Center,
Valhalla, NY

Ingrid Vos, PhD 2000-2002
Staff Scientist,
Utrecht Veterinary College,
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Marlies Reinders, MD, PhD 2000-2002
Professor of Medicine,
Dept of Nephrology and Transplantation,
University of Leiden,
Leiden, The Netherlands


Peter Lapchak, PhD 2000-2003
Lecturer in Medicine,
Harvard Medical School,
Boston, Massachusetts


Stefan Kiessling, MD 2002-2004
Chief, Division of Pediatric Nephrology,
University of Kentucky Healthcare,
Lexington, KY

Stuart Robertson, MD 2002-2005
Consultant Physician,
Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board,
Wales, UK


Jesse Flaxenburg, MD 2002-2005
Consultant Nephrologist,
Pikes Peak Nephrology,
Colorado Springs, CO


Atsushi Izawa, MD, PhD 2002-2005
Research Scientist,
Department of Cardiovascular Medicine,
Shinshu University School of Medicine,
Nagano, Japan

Zdenka Haskova, MD, PhD 2003-2005
Medical Director, Genentech,
San Francisco, CA

Sreevinas Laxmanan, PhD 2003-2006
Senior Scientist, Sanofi Genzyme,
Cambridge, MA


Gwen Boulday, PhD 2002-2006
Research Scientist, INSERM,
Paris, France


Olivier Dormond, MD, PhD 2003-2007
Group Leader,
Research Laboratory of Visceral Surgery Department, CHUV,
Vaude, Switzerland


Monika Edelbauer, MD 2006-2008
PD MD, Medical University Innsbruck,
Innsbruck, Austria

Alan Contreras, MD 2003-2008
Specialist in General Surgery,
Hospital Angeles Pedregal,
CDMX, Mexico

Andre Hoerning, MD 2006-2008
Senior Physician,
Universitätsklinikum Erlangen,
Erlangen, Germany

Xiao Wu, MD, PhD 2006-2010
Electives/Clinical Training in Pathology,
Framingham, MA


Aninda Basu, PhD 2005-2009
Department of Surgery,
University of Illinois at Chicago,
Chicago, IL


Dipak Datta, PhD 2003-2010
Scientist E-I,
Central Drug Research Institute,
Lucknow, India


Maria Stack, MB 2008-2010
Nephrology Consultant,
Temple Street Children’s University Hospital,
Dublin, Ireland


Gearoid McMahon, MD 2008-2010
Instructor in Medicine,
Brigham and Women’s Hospital,
Boston, MA


Tatsuichiro Seto, MD, PhD 2008-2011
Staff Cardiovascular Surgeon,
Department of Surgery,
Shinshu University,
Shinshu, Japan


Sarah Bruneau, PhD 2009-2013
Research Scientist, INSERM,
Nantes, France


Namrata Jain, MD 2011-2013
Pediatric Nephrologist,
New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital,
New York, NY


Craig Woda MD, PhD 2010-2013
Assistant in Medicine,
Boston Children’s Hospital,
Boston, MA

Nora Kochupurakkal, PhD 2011-2015
Scientist, Amgen
Cambridge, MA

Leo Boneschansker, MD, PhD 2010-2017
Resident in Medicine,
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA

Timna Agur, MD 2017-2018
Clalit Health Services

Past Laboratory Assistants

Christopher Geehan, JD 1996-2007
Chris served as the Briscoe Laboratory Manager and as the Manager of the newly formed Pediatric Transplantation Research Laboratories from 1996-2007. During this time, Chris attended Law School and passed the Massachussetts Bar in 2006. He currently works in the Intellectual Property Office of Children’s Hospital Boston as a member of their Legal team.

Kerith Koss, BS 2001-2003
Kerith served as a technician in the laboratory from 2001-2003. She left the laboratory to re-enter University as a graduate student in 2004 and she currently works at The Institute of Fine Arts in NY.

Katiana Calzadilla BS, MS 2006-2011
Katiana served as a technician and as Laboratory Manager from 2006-2011. During this time, she performed a Masters Thesis in Biotechnology at the Harvard Extension School, and was awarded a Masters in Liberal Arts in Extension Studies from Harvard University in 2011. She left the laboratory to join Pharma and develop her career in Clinical Studies.

Kayla Macleod, BS 2013-2014
Kayla served as a technician in the laboratory from 2013-2014. She left the laboratory to join a company developing gene therapy technologies.

Megan McGourty, BS 2011-2018
Megan joined as a research technician in the laboratory to learn and develop expertise in basic immunology and endothelial cell biology. She became the lab manager in 2014.
Past Students

Graduate Students

Marlies Reinders 2000-2002
Mentored MD/PhD Thesis Trainee, University of Leiden, Holland

Esther Meijer 2006-2007
Masters MD student, University of Groningen, Holland

Michele Eisenga, MD 2013
Masters MD student, University of Groningen, Holland

Matthew Sheehan 2014-2015
NIDDK Med Student Research Program, Cornell University

Zoe Post 2014-2015
Masters MD student, University of Groningen, Holland

Josephine Koch 2016
Masters MD student, University of Groningen, Holland

Anne Linde Mak 2016
Masters MD student, University of Groningen, Holland

Summer Students

Gearoid McMahon 1998
MD student

Cathy Long 1997, 1998
BS student

Emily Chung 1997
BS student


Jeanette Reiners 2000
MD student

William Wong 1999-2004
BS and MD Student
Tufts University, Boston, MA

Christopher Burke 2002
BS student

Kevin Gaughan 2008, 2009
BS student


Matthew Sheehan 2009
BS, Premed student
Yale University, New Haven, CT

Sydney Keen 2014, 2015
BA Student
Fordham University, New York, NY

David Heron 2015
BS student
Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH (Harvard Summer Program)

Aderet Liss 2016, 2017
BA Biology
Yeshiva University, Stern College for Women
New York, NY

Chloe Li 2017
BA Neurobiology
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Daniel Goodman 2018
BA Biology, Minor in Economics
Lafayette College, Easton, PA

The Briscoe Laboratory, Transplant Research Program,

Boston Children’s Hospital, and Harvard Medical School